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    Dental materials that adhere to dental instruments, such as filling materials or acid cement removers, must be removed directly after use, otherwise there is a risk of hardening or corrosion. Selection of cleaning and disinfecting water: choose appropriate water quality carefully; alkaline water may attack aluminum; chlorides cause pitting corrosion of the device; water-containing materials, such as silicic acid, may cause discoloration of the device; the final rinse uses complete deionized water and accurate action in advance Clean and store in a dry space or cabinet. The room temperature must be room temperature. When the temperature drops, the plastic packaging will produce condensate and cause corrosion. Do not put it with chemical agents. The insertion part of the flexible endoscope must be used immediately after use. Wipe with a lint-free towel. The towel must be dipped in cleaning fluid or cleaning disinfectant without protein fixation. To prevent blockage, suck out the pipe


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